Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Some progress

It is the penultimate day of August and I am trying to take it easy, while I am surrounded by forty-odd books on my desk!! Trying to get a paper done for September so I can do a presentation. Hopefully it will turn into a chapter of the dissertation. We'll see what Silvia has to say about that.

I think I am going to take an early day today and just go and take a walk around town. I have to go home first so I can leave my jingbang and especially so I can leave my debit and credit cards at home. I have been spending far too much and was taken by surprise by my last credit card bill.

Well, with regards to work, I have made some amount of progress and my face lights up every time I find a new or better etymology for a word. Those are MY moments. Still haven't decided how the final dissertation will look, but I will just keep on researching and writing and hopefully by the time I am ready to submit that problem would have worked itself out.

I am planning to do some stuff in September as a way of treating myself after the paper. Time to unleash the party animal...he deserves it. He has been suppressed by the drudge for too long.

Well take care and I wish all of my friends who are going back to school for another academic year a wonderful 2005-2006.

--Knowledge is not something which God holds, it is what He is.

More time
Walk-bout Jamaican bwoy

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There and back again

I know I haven't written anything on my blog for so long, but it's not as if there are a whole lot of people out there dying to read what I write.

I am now back in Leipzig. Have been back from my US summer school trip for over a week now and trying to do the world of work. My sleeping pattern is not back on track yet. I have been waking up about 10 o' clock every morning and I feel as if I have lost so much of the day. The rest of the day is spent leafing through dictionaries and grammars (as usual) trying to work out a conference paper which will hopefully develop into a chapter of the dissertation.

The time in the US was hectic, but great!!. I got to travel to some places outside of Boston (Plymouth where the pilgrims landed; Maine, etc). The courses were okay too despite many of the boring teachers. But some of them were good presenters. I had a big problem though with the food - Hardly anything which could be called American tasted good, but that could just be my Jamaican tastebuds talking. I was saved by the Asians whose taste and quality could be depended on. I had no utensils to cook with, so for almost all my meals for the six weeks, I had to purchase from restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Good to be back 'home' and in my own kitchen.

The weather here isn't bad at all but it is getting a bit colder, still bearable though.

While in America I took the opportunity to buy numerous second hand books and even found time to read Tolkien's "The Hobbit". I also bought a copy of Miguel de Cervantes' "Don Quixote de la Mancha" so I can read it again, this time in English.

For the good time I had thanks to:

Audene, Christine, Daidrah, Nicole - the ladies in my academic life

Michele - my academic sister

Victor - who opened up his home, library and brain to me to further my research

Christopher - who facilitated all those trips out of Boston, and made sure to check up on me from time to time (Danke schoen!!!)

Jo-Anne - the Trini who pulled the Caribbean posse together.

Ivor - who helped to solve one of my etymological riddles

Michel DeGraff - who offered a wonderful course and good friendship

Noam Chomsky (in his lectures) - who helped to clarify some things and confuse others.


More time!