Sunday, May 15, 2005

Germany, here I come


In late January I went over to Germany to do a seminar and interview for a Ph.D. fellowship I had applied for in November. I left Germany feeling that I had not got it, but an e-mail a few days after proved me wrong. I would be spending the next two years in Leipzig, Germany doing research on the West African vocabulary in Jamaican Creole.

The past three months have been full of anticipation and excitement, saying good-bye to old and new friends and trying to reassure my parents that I will be fine all the way over in Germany.

I will fill you in on the stress and drama of trying to get to Germany at a later date. This was just a little note for all those people who didn't know and will soon start cussing me out.

More time.



Andrew P. Francis said...

hi Joseph, it good to know that u have arrived safely. Be good now and remember our prayers are with u. God Bless!!!

Andrew P. Francis

Shauna Samuels said...

Hi Joseph, Glad to know that all is well.

How has the past five days in Germany been for you?

I am just checking my e-mail and saw your e-mail. I like the concept of a blogger so that you can keep intouch with all 600(is this figure correct?)old and new friends.

I am about to check your reply to the e-card sent.

Tek Care God Bless!
Praying for you
Love Shauna

Nadeen said...

Hi Mister
Was wondering if terroist mannap you or something. I was worried about you, glad that u reach safe. anyways, i miss u terribly, u need to fill me in on all the details so find time and drop me a line or something.
Take care