Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Quarter century! I could join the West Indies

Even though it was several weeks ago, I am now just getting the chance to reflect on my last birthday when I finally made quarter century ( may the Life-giver be continually blessed). I have normally just passed over birthdays just thankful that life has been spared but not really marking them as such. No wonder my parents had to call me in 2003 while I was in Cambridge to remind me that I was born on such and such a date.

This time was different. I thought this birthday must be marked in some special way and so I decided to make up a "birthday registry" of the things I wanted. Some of you got tired of my reminding you since about January about what was on that list. I am so grateful to all my friends that they thought IT (I am not sure what you think about ME)was special too. The things on my birthday registry which I got, were:

Bible (Kendrea)
Hymnal (Nicole)
UWI watch (Lindy)
Rasta belt (Denise)

I also got several other things which were not on the registry:

UWI frosty mug (Avagay)
Nail care set (Kaydene)
Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey (Nadeen)
A Life that God Rewards (Virginia)

And let me not forget how cluster Shamrock's plan to surprise me (almost) failed since I am a very busy and slippery person. This means that you all need to inform me when you plan to surprise me so that I can be there. The little party was good though. Thanks to all my cluster sisters and brothers who went all out to make the big 2-5 special!!!!

The good thing about celebrating a birthday on Friday is that it always spills over into Sabbath and so in addition to calls and e-mails from far and near (of course , Calbert included, from way in Japan), I had happy birthday sung to me at Adfel on Friday night and next morning in Sabbath School class. Plus, lunch at Janneth's on Sabbath afternoon evolved into cake-cutting, happy birthday wishes, and a combined farewell.

In addition my parents called me very early in the morning and sent me the usual birthday greetings by radio, which I did not get to hear by the way since they had carried home my things (radio included) by then.

Thanks a milllion guys for making my birthday special. I was touched.

More time.

De walk-bout Jamaican bwoy

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