Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am finally in Leipzig

I am finally in Germany and the reception has been wonderful. My temporary apartment is lovely and I am trying to get through all the relevant paper work so they won't deport me. Knowing my luck, of course, my arrival could not have been uneventful.

Last night when I was unpacking my stuff, I realised that I did not have my (old and new) passports. I thought that probably Susanne, my supervisor had taken it out of the cart at the airport when she came to pick me up. She might have taken it up just before we went on the train to go and catch the taxi to take me to my apartment.

This morning I found out that she had not taken it up and we had to call the airport. Luckily they had found everything. We had to go all the way back to the airport to pick them up.

I am now writing to you from my own desk in an office shared with two other people. The Institute is absolutely wonderful. They really take care of you. I am happy - as is my supervisor - that I am finally here. The weather is bearable, and I hope it will either stay this way or get better.

More time!


Clive Forrester said...

Yes rasta, yu reach! Gwaan hold down the fort as usual - i will make sure to keep the dept. on it's toes if you decide to return. Will have to video record my upgrade so you can see it.

PS You make me waste how much time setting up "blog" account just to post a message to this thing!!

Lars said...

Joseph - now look at the places that linguistics can get you. It's great to have you here in Germany! We don't get so many Jamaicans here. Much like you don't get many Germans at UWI, I noticed. - I think your blog name is cool. See you next week! - Lars